Farm Informations






Stake $OCTO and earn $OCTO

$OCTO allocated to Farm: 1,000,000
Duration: 1 year




Stake OCTO-WBNB LP and earn $OCTO


$OCTO allocated to Farm: 150,000
Duration: 1 year




How Farms Work?

Buy or earn $OCTO following the buttons on homepage, go to Farm $OCTO and choose your Farm.
In every Farm there is a limit number of $OCTO and a limited time for earn it.
During the duration period $OCTO will be distributed to farmer following their power: more $OCTO you insert to the farm, more $OCTO you will earn.

Slippage is set to 0%

$OCTO Farms are decentralized, OctoAliens Team is not responsible for your funds.

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